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Sammie Jo
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Apr 6 2014, 02:30 PM
I also read on another site that either at this week's spoilers or the one before (on April 11th) that Chloe will "attack" Chelsea and start a fight. I think that Chelsea should have ended her friendship, business partnership and revoke Chloe's godparent rights when Chloe took Connor away from her and out of the country. Chloe needs serious help and Kevin marrying her just to keep her from the mental hospital (just so she can be treated in an "outpatient" capacity) is not doing her any good at all. Chloe keeps attacking Chelsea verbally whenever she gets a chance and Chelsea needs to really smack her in the mouth to shut her up. Also, I heard that Hillary and Lily will also get into it at the fashion show, too. The next upcoming weeks should be good for a few "cat fights".
ITA with you about Chloe and Chelsea. I would have immediately gotten an atty and broke that contract. Chelsea should also get a restraining order against Chloe to keep her from coming near her with the verbal abuse.
She belongs in a hospital, Kevin did her no favors by keeping her out.
Hillary and Lily in a cat fight! COOOOOOL!
I hope Hillary beats the snot out of her and then I hope everyone takes Hillary's side, because you KNOW Lily started it.
I want to smack her everytime she starts with her stupid catty remarks.
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