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Apr 7 2014, 09:57 AM
Apr 6 2014, 03:32 PM
Apr 6 2014, 03:01 PM
Yep, Days is back to the 1.8s and 1.9s. Sure, no doubt, the ratings will pop for the Wilson wedding, but that's only a one week thing. The stories are back to being plodding and slow moving with the same few characters front and center week after week. Add to that the fact that Days couldn't write a romantic love story if their lives depended on it.

GH, on the other hand, moves their stories along and writes good drama and romance, not to mention that their sets and wardrobe are far better than Days'.
I agree on wardrobe but GH's sets are quite awful, IMO.
The Metro Court rooms are infinitely better than any hotel/bedroom set on Days. Anna's office alone is bigger than most of the Days sets. I haven't watched GH in a couple of weeks but I don't recall any of their sets not looking good, especially compared to the shit that Days produces.
I agreeÖ.GH they have actual offices, and donít have to sit at a table in a town square to conduct business! They have homes and apartment that are bigger then a closet! I assume Salem is close to Chicago and all winter long the trees and bushes are green NO snow, they ran around in sleeveless tops, leather jackets, and 8 inch heels, The clothes on GH are what normal viewers would wear; they arenít so tight that the women have to constantly tug and pull on them so their vajayjay and boobs arenít showing! The wardrobe and sets on these two soaps are as different as night and day!
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