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Apr 6 2014, 11:03 PM
Eric is not Ridge's father. Eric is Rick father. Therfore, none of Ridge's children are Eric grandchildren. Poor Thorpe is Eric's son but he never fight for his right. Why does Right think he owns everything when Eric has more children. As far as Brooke is concern Ridge has been dumping on Brooke years, he raped Brooke, left her because she didn't tell him about the email from Deacon. He doesn't want Bill to be his son step father, so the same can be said about him living in Bill's house with Bill's son.
I hope Brooke give him back his papers so Bill can get his company and house back. Does Ridge even have his own home. that not his mother and father or Taylor?
Eric's name is on Ridge birth certificate and he raised him as a son. Ride still calls Eric father and Eric still calls Ridge his son. They may not be related by blood, but in every sense of the word they are family. Family is more than just blood relation. Ridge does not think he owns everything. At least he is not Rick, who goes around telling everyone he is Eric Forrester Jr.; thus, he has more rights to FC than anyone including Thorne. FC was funded by Douglas's money. Both Stephanie and Eric made the company a success. Eric lied for years that the company was Stephanie. Neither Felicia, Bridget, or Kristen has stated any wish that they want to be part of the company. The only people who feel that they run the place are Rick and Hope, and Hope is not even a Forrester, but a Logan and a Sharpe, but acts like a Queen B. She does nothing, but spout her nonsense, but yet is a major hypocrite. Brooke needs to be dumped upon after all the hurt she cause other people, families, wives, sisters, daughters, and chidlren, she does not deserve any kind of respect, but to be pissed upon. If Brooke does that, it will showcase how nasty of a women she is, but she already is a skank so nothing new there. She is rule by her vagina and she will sell any of her children to satisfied her vagina.
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