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Apr 7 2014, 11:51 AM
Apr 7 2014, 09:03 AM
No one is saying Eric is Ridge's father!!!
Between Ridge and his children (Steffy and Thomas), they own 50% of FC. There is no denying it.
Steffy in fact is responsible for getting FC back when Eric et al lost the company.
The same Bill Spencer you are cheering for took Eric's company.

Brooke has been dumped on for years? Are you serious? When did this happen? Really when did this happen during the last 25 years of the show? Because I have been watching for that long and did not notice Ridge dumping on Brooke.

By the way, asking about Ridge's home. Stefanie (Ridge's mother) owned half of the Forester Mansion and guess who inherited that when she passed? Also, Ridge's isn't short of money either.

Anyway, I can't wait for bad-boy Deacon arrival in LA. Because the walking mattress wont know what's coming to her.
It must be when Brooke tried to steal Ridge away from Caroline, Taylor and then Ashley, and Ridge was not going to stand for her manipulation. Perhaps it was Ridge finally having enough of all of Brookes lies and constantly telling half truth.
Ah, that's when Brooke was dumped on?
Telling Brooke about her wrongs is what others considered "Ridge dumping on Brooke"?
For example, Let's see when she slept with her daughter's husband Deacon and Ridge telling her about it - So that's what viewers considers as dumping?
I can't understand why anyone would consider Ridge dumping on Brooke when she only think with her Vaj-jay-jay.
That's just ludicrous.
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