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Apr 8 2014, 01:34 PM
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Apr 7 2014, 11:50 PM
Julie possibly boycotting the wedding over Nick's absence would be ludicrous but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Julie really has become a tool for Nick. Ugh. Even Maggie showed up and she adores Nick. Granted it was held at her house but she never even mentioned Nick's name, thankfully. Knowing the writers Julie will be conveniently absent whenever Nick's plans eventually blow up in his face so she won't have to deal with how wrong she was. -_-
Caring about a family member is not wrong. Trying to find him when he disappears from the face of the Earth is not wrong either.

I don't even fault Julie for being persistent at the Christening because when you know something is wrong and someone you love might be in danger, every minute/second could count.

Julie probably knows nothing about what really went down between Nick and Will (nobody convinced me otherwise so far), so it is really unfair to blame her for not being on Will's side, IMO (she probably doesn't even know that there are any sides to be on).
Caring about a family member, of course, is not wrong. Making Ari's christening a way to get info about Nick (all the while knowingly making numerous people uncomfortable as hell) and making a dramatic scene directly afterwards was classless as hell, especially when her sister, a cop, told her a few times to cool it because she was going to take care of it. Julie was just determined to be dramatic about it all and she got her way. It has become a tired way with her.

Now she is all upset because Nick didn't get an invite to a wedding she didn't bother showing up to either. Whatever. I might start caring about her crazy opinions when her blind devotion to Nick comes to an end. Til then she might as well stay gone. :yawnz:
Re the bolded: She might have said that, but she wasn't really doing anything substantial at the time. She was totally OK with having a good time at the Christening without any care for what can be happening to Nick right at that moment she is enjoying herself so nicely whatsoever. So again, I don't fault Julie for being insistent and trying to get things moving. Moreover I think it made Hope look bad that she wasn't more concerned. It's not like Ariana wouldn't have gotten christened if Hope wasn't there.

I, on the other hand, am glad that at least someone in that family cares about Nick. It's not like Will needs even more people in his corner ... Still, nobody (not even Julie) seems to truly put the time in and really try to help Nick at all.

Edit: I want to add that I don't care one iota if Julie "made numerous people uncomfortable as hell" with her inquiries. Those were all people who either almost killed Nick by drowning him (plus the "almost" part doesn't go to their credit) and/or were perfectly OK with killing him, so fuck them.
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