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Nick destroyed MW's entire spring line, losing the company tons of money. So, no, he hasn't made Kate's company lots of money. She paid him for those formula's yet he infected her company with virus as a parting gift. He threatened Gabi with prison if she doesn't agree to his plan. He then tried to rape her.

He has no right to get a job by extortion. Good people don't blackmail people to get a job or for their potential partner. Good people don't threaten people with prison rape.

I watch online without the menacing music (I think they remove it for copyright reasons), and I can see his intentions are not noble or innocent. If you love someone, you don't pump your fist each time you feel you scored with her. Not a sign of love. He doesn't look sentimental or like someone in love, but someone who's calculating every move.

Nick is obsessive. He wants Gabi and Arianna and that's not love. He feels like they belong to him and he lost them. He needs to get them back by any means. He's more subtle than Liam but as obsessive.
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