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Apr 8 2014, 04:51 PM
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Apr 8 2014, 01:57 PM
I'm glad that someone is showing some concern for Nick too. I'd just rather see Julie having a heart-to-heart with Nick instead of talking to Sami about the wedding.
I totally agree with this. It sucks that nobody in that family cares enough to talk thoroughly to Nick and make sure he gets the help he needs. :shame:
Unfortunately, Nick does not want help. After the shooting all we had were scenes of Maggie trying to talk thoroughly to him and make sure he got help. He is the one that did not listen and would not see anyone. He forestalled all of that this time by telling them he was seeing someone and all the truths he had realized and come to through his therapy. Of course, he is lying. I am not sure if it is purposely or if he is truly deluded enough to consider conversations with a bird watcher as therapy. In any case, Nick has been shown much concern. The fact that he refuses to listen to it or be moved by it is all on him.
Many abuse and rape victims don't want help because they think they can deal with what happened to them alone. They almost never can. So should we just let them be and say that it's all on them when they refuse to listen? Really? Or is this stance reserved just for Nick? He is clearly lying that he is getting therapy bacause he would rather forget what happened to him than open that wound again and deal with the horrors. That is also common behaviour among abuse and rape victims. But when it's Nick it's all on him? Nobody should care enough to make sure he really is getting the therapy he says he is getting? Nobody should care enough to be persistent and make him see that he is not OK and that he needs to deal with what happened to him? :shame:
In any case, Nick has been shown much concern.
I totally disagree. He has been shown some concern, but not much and not nearly enough.
Great post Ghani.While Days has a tendency to have rape storylines with no lasting after effects,I cannot believe that is the case in real life.All rapes are horrible but those that involve minors or brutality and go on for an extended period of time are the most heartrending in my opinion.I don't feel comfortable juding the victims for whatever coping mechanism they use to get through each day of their life.That is part of the reason I am reluctant to judge Nick harshly.I don't condone his behavior or claim that it is right,I just can't hate the character or write him off as a lost cause.
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