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I'm glad that someone is showing some concern for Nick too. I'd just rather see Julie having a heart-to-heart with Nick instead of talking to Sami about the wedding.
I totally agree with this. It sucks that nobody in that family cares enough to talk thoroughly to Nick and make sure he gets the help he needs. :shame:
Unfortunately, Nick does not want help. After the shooting all we had were scenes of Maggie trying to talk thoroughly to him and make sure he got help. He is the one that did not listen and would not see anyone. He forestalled all of that this time by telling them he was seeing someone and all the truths he had realized and come to through his therapy. Of course, he is lying. I am not sure if it is purposely or if he is truly deluded enough to consider conversations with a bird watcher as therapy. In any case, Nick has been shown much concern. The fact that he refuses to listen to it or be moved by it is all on him.
Nick had serious problems in prison and after getting out of prison.Hope,Julie,and Maggie were aware of this but the only concern you actually saw was a conversation or two between Maggie and Nick and Hope and Nick,and Julie and Nick but no one following up on seeing him get help.
Brady has a broken engagement and turns to drink and we have John,Victor,Maggie,Marlena,Roman,and Daniel crawling all over him on a daily basis to get help.The writing makes no sense.BB is as good an actor as EM.Instead of wasting time on Fetch and getting Abe with Maxine,they could have given screen time to Julie,Hope,and Maggie seeing Nick had a problem and attempting to get help.How many people who need psychological counseling realize they need help? I believe Nick's prison experience being held an an abusive enviroment with violent dysfunctional people concentrated in a small space has warped his perspective.Nick probably thinks his behavior is reasonable and likely does not think he needs help,he is just doing what it takes to have his happy life with Gabi.
Nick had obsessive tendencies prior to his prison. That's why he held Melanie against her will. He was obsessed with her the same way he's obsessed with Gabi.

I agree with you that the show did a terrible job at handling the rape issue. They used it as a plot point then immediately went to Nick the smarmy asshole. I think they would've served the show better if they had Nick go through therapy with Marlena and process the rape issue. They could've separated his obsession with Gabi from his experience with rape. Or they could've showed scenes of Nick struggling with it. An experience like that doesn't just go away. We saw Nick for weeks having flashbacks and then he all of a sudden forgot about it as soon as he disclosed it to his family.
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