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Apr 8 2014, 09:14 PM
Apr 8 2014, 08:03 PM
I understand that others are speculating concerning Nick's true motives regarding Gabi and his future behavior but it is just that,speculation.We don't have to speculate with EJ we have seen what he has actually done to Sami and her family and we have seen that Sami knows what EJ has done to her and her family but she is lauded for
"standing by her man" and "fighting for her true love" and giving him another chance( I was going to say a second chance which would clearly be absurd based on their past relationship.) because he has changed despite his continuing illegal behavior,his concealment of evidence that his sister raped her brother,his affair with Abby,and continuning to lie and conceal things from her despite his protestations that they have no secrets.Is EJ exhibiting caring ,loving ,compassinate feeling about Sami? Is EJ trying to reform: Is EJ showing his true colors to Sami?Are Sami and EJ in a well functioning relationship or EJ temporarily exhibiting improved desirable behavior?

I am only saying based on their past relationship,what we have seen occur between them, and the harm Nick has intentionally done to Gabi (aside from the assault in the park),her daughter,and her brother,Gabi has more justification her belief that Nich has changed and for giving Nick another chance than Sami has to believe EJ has changed and to give EJ another chance. I don't understand why Gabi is a selfish manipulative evil baby stealing bitch who is too stupid to live because she does not despise and repudiate Nick but Sami is the intelligent feisty gritty heroine standing up to her family and fighting for the man she loves and who has every right to get in Gabi's face and call her stupid for even speaking to Nick.

In my opinion:
Sami is wrong to to believe EJ has changed on anything more than a surface level.

I think Sami should repudiate EJ's prior treatment of her and her loved ones.
Sami is wrong to forgive EJ and his cirmes and rapes
and she is wrong to allow her children to live with EJ.

Sami hasn't been a feisty heroine since before 2006 when she met EJ.

I think Nick hasn't done as many evil things as EJ -- only because Nick is younger.
Nick is an "attempted rapist". EJ is a multiple rapist.
Who knows where Nick will be in several years?

I think Gabi hasn't done as many twisted things as Sami -- only because Gabi is younger.
(By "twisted", in this context, I mean "distorted due to life experience").

I would *not* say that Gabi is too stupid to live.

I want Gabi to see *objectively* how crazy Sami is for adoring EJ.
I don't want Gabi to try to model her life after horribly dysfunctional Sami's life.

I agree that some Salem residents seem to have accepted the Sami-EJ relationship,
and I agree that such recognition/acceptance of Ejami makes no sense!

I would like Gabi to *reject* any acceptance of Ejami.
I don't want Gabi to think that "EJ has changed" or "EJ's crimes are forgivable".

I want Gabi to recognize what's WRONG with Sami and EJ.
I want Gabi to figure out that "standing by your man" isn't always the best option.
I want Gabi to figure out that it's inappropriate for Sami to believe in EJ.
(I don't think Gabi will learn this -- but I *want* her to).

-- and then ... after Gabi figures out that Sami's blind adoration of EJ is wrong,
and that Sami shouldn't want her kids around EJ's influence.
I want Gabi to *reflect* and think: "hmmmm maybe my blind adoration of Nick is wrong,
and Arianna shouldn't be around Nick's influence"
You know, I hadn't thought about it but that might be a way for the story to go. I hadn't thought that Gabi using Sami/EJ as a rule to think she and Nick would work would make her rethink that once Ejami blows up and are dead and buried.
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