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Apr 8 2014, 09:39 PM
Apr 8 2014, 09:09 PM
^ yet nobody is addressing that Nick tried to rape Gabi.

Do Will and Sonny even know that happened?
both Will and Sonny know what Nick attempted to do to Gabi. Sonny even reminded Gabi of this when she fought with Sonny about her and Nick seeing each other. Gabi seems to have forgotten how frightened she was of Nick in those moments.

eta: oops late to answer....
Gabi conveniently forgets I think that gets in her way ... right now for Gabi it about staying out of jail and Nick is pretending as through he forgave her so Gabi is going right along with it because Gabi thinks it benefits her...

Gabi's problem is that Nick is playing her so really she just digger her self into more trouble... and she is letting go of something that should matter in favor of something that could instead potential land her in danger if Nick doesn't like something she does in the future.

But you are right that Will & Sonny do know... Kate told Sonny the full story...Sonny eventually told Will everything including Nick attempt at raping Gabi and how it was prevented.
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