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Apr 8 2014, 08:27 PM
Apr 8 2014, 06:50 PM
/\ Sorry my response wasn't really based on the posters ( or choosing people to say that to) it was more a difference of opinion / different interpretation of the scene.

I just didn't get from the scene that Nicole was yelling at Marlena (as the majority of posters did) I've seen Nicole yell on the show and that to me is not her yelling. Maybe she was supposed to yell at Marlena and AZ lowered it down a notch. Eric talks about in the next scene how she was "screaming" and causing a scene but my interpretation of the scene based on what was shown is at worst it was a slightly raised voice. If anyone caused a scene it was Eric yelling (and I consider that he yelled) across the corridor.

Nicole was definitely stupid to open with the phrase "you bitch" really any argument she had was going to fall down from then on in but they seem to throw that term around so loosely these days that it wouldn't surprise me if people in Salem now believe that is a perfectly good substitute for a general greeting.

I think if Nicole had had this interaction with anyone other than Marlena ( although probably Caroline and Kayla and Hope wouldn't have been good either) it wouldn't have been considered yelling.

But I like the dynamic that Marlena is not on board with Eric and Nicole . She should be wary and suspicious. He should be put in the difficult position of trying to reconcile a relationship between a girlfriend and his mother who don't necessarily have the same values or approached to life.

What I don't like is the reasons they have given for Marlena not being on board. The whole we don't like her because she broke your heart when she married Lucas thing is total rubbish. There are a ton more viable reasons for Marlena to intensely dislike and distrust Nicole.

I also believe Nicole has a history of being judged and condemned by Marlena and other people she sees to be like her so the character has a reason to feel threatened by her.
I think she was yelling at Marlena and was attacking her without any justification. Calling the mother of your boyfriend a bitch is a big no-no. What Marlena talks to her son about is between mother and son. Nicole has her beef with her man, not his mother. And calling her names and yelling at her at her workplace is just wrong. I am actually disappointed in Eric for not standing up for his mom.
IMO, not only was it disrespectful, it was stupid of her. I mean, if one has done something, such as Nicole has, having these insecurity-based hissy fits aren't exactly gonna help, are they.
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