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I honestly don't know why someone hasn't tried to seriously gaslight Jennifer considering how much crazy runs directly through her maternal family line. Her grandmother, Carrie Spencer, hung herself in a psychiatric hospital and her mother, Laura Horton, had a total mental collapse when Jennifer was young & then spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. For quite a while in Jennifer's teens, there was a running through-line to her story where she was afraid that she'd go crazy just like Carrie & Laura. IMO, that's a thread that should be picked up again. Personally, If I were to do it, I'd have Jennifer be the one gaslight, but involve some sort of psychotropic drugs that Abby accidentally ingests instead of Jennifer so that Abby is the one who actually does go crazy (causing Jennifer much grief & sense of guilt). Considering the amount of crazy on both sides of Jennifer's family (in addition to Carrie & Laura, Jennifer's uncle, Mickey, was once institutionalized and her aunt, Marie, had a nervous breakdown, in addition to her cousin, Jessica, who had D.I.D.) it's surprising that Jennifer hasn't had a mental break yet.
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