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Anyone watching?

Not fond of the three-timers, even if I do mostly like them (Cowboys, Globetrotters, Luke/Margie) but I can also see why they'd be on an "All Star" season.

I also think they could have done a lot better than Joey/Meghan, Jessica/John and Caroline/Jennifer, IMO. All three were fine, but zzzzzz. Seriously. They pick them over SO many other teams?

I honestly was scratching my head over a lot of the picks this time.

Brenchel, as much as some hate them, were probably the only pick I really agreed with, along with the Afghanimals even if I can't stand them at times. And Dave/Connor (even though they were pushed WAY too much in their original season). I will always love Mallory though, lol. It was also really sad and too bad that Mark/Bopper couldn't run it again together. Oh, and the Twinnies! I was so disappointed they went out first :(

I will say I know the boot order and it's been accurate.
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