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Panda Panda
Apr 10 2014, 06:32 PM
Apr 7 2014, 01:24 PM
Bill used to be one of those men who could considered a manly man. Katie would talk to him about his wrongs, but he still did not apologize for what he did or who he did it too. Unfortunately, since hooking up with the Walking Mattress, he has become chum.
I lost all respect for him when he choose the walking mattress over his ailing wife.
I think that's why he really wants Brooke because she doesn't challenge in anyway. She feeds into his vices, never tries to help him be a better person, and never really stands up to him. All the things Katie did. And Bill loves that. In his mind he gets to have the legendary sex cougar kitten, Brooke Logan, and he gets to keep being his regular old dickhole of a self without someone making him feel bad about it.

I think when naughty Deacon comes and hooks up with naughty Quinn, he won't be able to stand the fact that she's not chasing him, just living her life and enjoying her sexual encounters. Because y'all know, Deacon is going to be into the kinky stuff, too.
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