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Apr 11 2014, 12:17 AM
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It looks like a young Ari...maybe 4-5 mos.
Why is Gabi sending Will and Sonny and old photograph with a message to her "daddies" on their wedding day? I just don't understand why the show chose to use an old photograph even though the babies playing Arianna were a lot younger when the wedding was filmed.Would it cost that much to just add the photograph into the scene just before it airs?
Hehe yeah, Days can make weird decisions. Best not to ask too many obvious questions and apply logic. :D
I think you're right.Days is not likely to spend additional money unless its absolute necessary.Most viewers wouldn't notice the photograph of Arianna was not recent.I didn't notice when I watched the scene I was looking a the sign.Had it not been for Supergirl's excellent work,I would not have even known they used an old photograph of her.
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