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I can't find the like button, but I like that post!

Tabatha can't be gone. I won't accept that reality.

As far as the ATL cast...why would they bond together for Porsha?

Nene and Phaedra I get- they both need excuses to get off the show (Nene 'cause she's so famous now; Phaedra 'cause of her husband's legal issues an impending marital explosion- based on what I'm seeing on the tv, that's my guess).

Kandi...eh, she's got money and a man now, doesn't really need this show. It makes her mother crazier, probably.

Cynthia does nothing.

Actually...most of them do nothing. I was trying to figure, without Kenya, what were their independent storylines? And how much airtime did those stories get?

Kandi had family drama but everyone else...not much of a contributor, especially Porsha who could have brought so much more.

So, why bond over Porsha? Just hate for Kenya, the driving force behind 80% of this season? I hope they don't let their relative ratings success get to their heads.
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