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^ My face watching DAYS

The Wilson wedding was incredibly boring and overhyped by the actors...I am not surprised in the least it had no impact on the ratings.

DAYS is very boring right now.....the show has shifted the focus back to Daniel & Jennifer, which imo is very detrimental. Not only that but DAYS has totally snuffed out any excitement over the Abby/EJ affair, has backburned the Nick thing, deflated the Ericole ballon ten fold and have literally not gone ANYWHERE exciting with the Rafe/Jordan pairing that has been on the frontburner....on top of all that John has returned and is pretty much already backburned.

The only small bright spots on this show are Haiden (and that is really stretching it), Lucas/Sheryl/Kate (which is basically done with JH being fired before she even began, so I assume back to the backburner Lucas/BD will go) and Theresa (who has been reduced to Brady's play toy).

DAYS is a boring mess right now and I can barely get through an episode. Things need to change or the days of good ratings will be FIRMLY behind this show.

It is amazing how quickly things have literally imploded with this show.....Jan/Feb were fabulous and March was like a bomb of destruction, which is even worse so far into April.
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