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Apr 11 2014, 04:10 PM
Apr 11 2014, 04:02 PM
There is room on my screen for more then raping priests and women, drugging priests, doctors, and businessmen! I have a wild idea how about some “good old-fashion love” Daytime soaps have always been about true love, families, with a few bumps in the road and a good old murder mystery added for good measure, something DAYS has forgotten! The other 3 daytime soaps still use this formula and it’s working for them.
In my opinion TPTB at Days are taking the easy way out & going for shock value to get ratings. They are not
giving us engaging story-lines &
some good drama. Shocking stuff might get some to to tune in but it is killing the show.
I don’t see anything shocking about the show….these SL have been done over and over again. The only thing that changed is the characters and day!
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