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Apr 11 2014, 06:08 PM
Apr 11 2014, 03:44 PM
It has made no sense how closed off Rafe has been from all of the drama surrounding Gabi and it's equally ridiculous how EJ and Sami have been involved in everything relating to Gabi since November while the writers busied Rafe with this going nowhere plot with Jordan. I'd much rather see Rafe playing a more active role in Gabi's life as he did prior to 2013 before the TPTB decided that everything should revolve around Sami and EJ. Rafe's baby sister was almost raped and he knows nothing about it. She thought she killed a man and Rafe knows nothing about it. Rafe's distance from this story was completely ass backwards.
Absolutely! It's an embarrassment how they've treated Rafe in this story. Not only is Rafe smart, but he's a take charge guy. To show him ranting and punching people is such a disservice to the character they've built. Let him be clever in handling Nick. Let him also be more influential with Gabi. She's always looked up to her big brother. Let Rafe give her pause to her actions. It's also time to let him in on what went down with Nick that started all this in the first place. It was ridiculous they didn't allow him to pick up on her stress at the time and look into it.

There was a scene where he mentioned taking Gabi and the baby to see his mom and I thought what a great idea. Get her away from Nick's influence for awhile. I was really hoping the sibs could reconnect and Gabi would open up to him at that point. I should have known it was just a throw away line. I hope next week this is more than an empty threat and Rafe indeed becomes more involved in Gabi's story.

Forgot to mention how sad it is that they cut Rafe completely out and put Ej in as her surrogate brother. It never sat right. Rafe and Gabi have the best sibling chemistry. I hate that we are going to be losing that on screen and even worse that Days sidelined it before Camila leaves for good.
It was strange how Rafe was not even curious when Gabi decided not to move to NY after all. I don't even think he asked her. What about when she was a basket-case and everyone else could see, except her brother. I hope he uses his law enforcement background to get the goods on Nick.
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