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Apr 12 2014, 09:33 AM
S loves EJ
Apr 12 2014, 09:05 AM
I think the way they are doing the reveal is a bit disappointing, but maybe it will play out better on screen and make for a good Ejami fight, but it seems a bit lame that Sami will just finds pictures of Ejabby kissing instead of a videotape of them doing the deed like they did in Sunset Beach with Gabi and Antonio´s affair.

DOOL just used the videotape reveal in the Bristen wedding fiasco. That whole story line was Tomsell's adaptation and advancement of the 'priest sex on video' story of Antonio-Gabi-Ricardo, taken from their tenure on Sunset Beach.

An EJabby video reveal to Sami would seem stale to me after the elaborate lead up to Kristen's downfall via video. I rather like the idea of the B&W photos slipped under the door for anyone to find. It's seems very 'old school' and soapy. So I hope it plays out well. Surely something will these Days.
I agree, the Bristen video tape reveal was so big I don't think Ejabby could have topped it. Not because I think Sami's shock will be less than Brady's, but everyone else's shock would be less than the rest of the congregation. I mean, no matter how goodie two shoes Abigail is, EJ fucking Snow White is not as shocking as Kristen fucking a priest.

Anyway, the Ejabby sex reveal can't compare to Sami's reaction to it and the fallout. That's where the show is gotten us ready for, every time Sami said, "EJ has changed, he would never hurt me," every time she insisted they were different now. She's practically told the whole town NOW they will be happy.
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