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S loves EJ
Apr 12 2014, 09:52 AM
I suppose you are right maybe a videotape would have been to repeative of
Bristen's wedding but I still think Sami could find out in a more dramatic
way like Abby fainting in the church.
Well, that could still happen for you. Sami didn't actually get those photos out of the envelope after all. There may be a soap interruption just after that last promo scene...

or Sami sees the photos, EJ gives her the spiel: about it happening at the Horton Cabin when he went to stop Abby from going to Hope about the Gabi mess, he did it for Sami, they were on a break, yada yada. And no, of course, Abigail is not pregnant. Sami herself just put that idea in the silly girl's head. He made her take a pregnancy test by a doctor just to make sure. They're in love and meant to be together, Abigail understands that, and this meaningless episode should not stand in the way of their married life together...

and then, after Sami decides to put this behind them forever, Abby faints at the wedding.


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