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S loves EJ
Apr 12 2014, 12:58 PM
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S loves EJ
Apr 12 2014, 12:36 PM

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I think because. Abby is sent back to the teen set, indicates her place in the story. Just can't see EJ hanging out with Paige and Jj.
Also, her pregnancy scare was just angst for EJ, no more pregnancy symptoms since going to doc, she is back in the teen /college scene...

If Abby´s pregnancy scare was just to create angst for EJ I don´t understand the point of showing Stefano talk with the doctor and make the result questionable, and Abby could still have symptons like no period without letting the audience know, and morning sickness passes faster for some pregnant woman than others.
Right, the pregnancy scare could have simply been used to bring Sami into the story so when she sees that picture, she can put what Abby said and realize this was the possible father. And EJ trying to pretend this picture was just a kiss she would see through. But if that was the only reason for this part of the story, there would have been no need to bring in Stefano at all.

What I'm curious about is, since EJ will have to admit he slept with Abigail, will he admit to all the times he did? Or pretend it was just the one time (which is ironic given the picture is one of the few times they didn't). Sami may be able to accept EJ cheating on her once (I think she'd still be stupid but EJ might sell it) but it's a dangerous game because you can bet Sami is going to follow up with Abby and EJ would have to get her to agree to now lie about their time together and try to match up stories. (Which I'm sure Sami wouldn't allow for that much time to happen).
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