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Lady Evol
Apr 12 2014, 12:59 PM
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It was strange how Rafe was not even curious when Gabi decided not to move to NY after all. I don't even think he asked her. What about when she was a basket-case and everyone else could see, except her brother. I hope he uses his law enforcement background to get the goods on Nick.
his brain fell into Jordan's crotch and hasn't been seen since, I'm surprised he hasn't been dwindled down to only making caveman grunts.
But, then again, I think the ideal of Nick acting threatening to Rafe is kingly stupid... I mean this guy has been imprisoned away three times and either physically or emotionally tortured, he's been dropped into a freezing river and survived for days on drift wood, he's been drugged, has had amnesia, and has been stabbed twice...not to mention he graduated top of his class from the FBI academy. Yeah, Nick, do it, dumbass.
Shit man, I wish they were still writing for THAT Rafe. THAT Rafe would actually be interesting. THIS Rafe hasn't been interesting since he met Carrie.
Yep. Carrie and catching cats began his demise as the smart capable FBI guy who figured out the baby switch, caught on to Ej and Anna's involvement and escaped an mental institution with no memories intact. Where did that guy go?!!! They've left him floundering. He should totally be onto Kate's phoney baloney instead of smiling like a simpleton every time she coos at him. OMG!!! SMACK HIM! And to let this Nick stuff go without any follow up?!!
It'd be one thing if they had him deeply involved in Jordan's mystery and completely engrossed in helping her fight whatever demons are coming for her, but they aren't even giving him that as an excuse! He's wandering back and forth between the club and pub drinking a hell of a lot of coffee. What a waste!

In reality, Nick should fear Rafe's involvement. I'd love to see Rafe to have some influence in what goes on between Gabi and Nick. I'm just doubtful with the writing he's had they'll play to his strengths and let that happen.
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