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Apr 12 2014, 07:20 PM
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his brain fell into Jordan's crotch and hasn't been seen since, I'm surprised he hasn't been dwindled down to only making caveman grunts.
But, then again, I think the ideal of Nick acting threatening to Rafe is kingly stupid... I mean this guy has been imprisioned away three times and either physically or emotionally tortured, he's been dropped into a freezing river and survived for days on drift wood, he's been drugged, has had amnesia, and has been stabbed twice...not to mention he graduated top of his class from the FBI academy. Yeah, Nick, do it, dumbass.
If Nick threatens Rafe and Rafe doesn't openly laugh in his face and tell him to do his worse, then this s/l officially jumped the shark. An ex-con threatening a former FBI agent and a current police officer is beyond ludicrous.
Your hashtag is confusing me. Rafe can have a romance going on and still be a kick-ass cop. They've balanced both for the character in the past. Time to step it up with him.
Jordan has no appeal though. She's the most boring character ever. I tried to give her a chance but all she manages to do is give me a brain freeze. Also, ever since Rafe discovered Jordan he became dumb as dirt without any instincts whatsover. He's just clueless about everything.
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