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Sami & Gabi's argument...

Sami needs to stop interfering in Will's life she always does or nearly does more damage that she does good

Gabi regardless of how angry she was at Sami should not have slapped her there was no justification for it. Gabi shouldn't have lied to Sami either however once Gabi did and once Sami learned Gabi did Sami should have waited told Will & Sonny and let the guys handle it post their mini honeymoon.

Gabi needs to STOP justifying her actions of what she does regarding Ari with actions that are not Will... Gabi doesn't have the right to hurt Will because she is angry at Sami. Will is a good father who loves his daughter who has bent over backwards to make things work with Gabi and he Sonny & Gabi all parenting Arianna.

Gabi has the right to move out however she doesn't have the right to justify her reasons the way she does, clearly things are justified by her argument with Sami and that is fair to no one but Gabi.

Basically my point is that Sami & Gabi their fight has proved why Sonny is right and why Will needs a custody agreement. Both woman act to rashly and Gabi uses others actions to justify the part in Ari's life she is willing to allow will to partake in it. Will loves his daughter and he doesn't deserve all the threats that Gabi make she gets angry of not allowing Will to be a part of his daughters life any longer. I am really hoping through may sweeps that Gabi his halted from attempting to destroy the bond that Will & Sonny have with Ari and using Nick & Sami to justify her reasons.

The sad thing is that all Gabi's jusfications are about her own best interest not that of her daughter Ari. Sami's made a lot of bad decisions but none of them have pointed to being a danger to her grand-daughter. Gabi justifies her actions either because Nick convinces her it best or Gabi protects her own best interest not caring if it hurts Will. Will doesn't deserve to get blamed for the rocky relationship that Gabi & Sami have built up.

Gabi's parenting is more reminiscent of Sami & Lucas's when Will was young that Will's is... Will is a factor and explain of someone who learned from the mistakes of his parents... meanwhile for different reasons Gabi is making similar mistakes to Sami & Lucas. Gabi loves her daughter however like Lucas and Sami at that age Gabi is very selfish is all about her. Will a better father then Lucas was at 21 years old... Lucas learns much more then Sami however over time both Lucas & Sami grew as parents ... Lucas simple did more then Sami..
Gabi has never tried to keep Arianna Grace from her father. Even when she first got pregnant, he was the first one she told. She never tried to keep it a secret from him, always said he would be part of the baby's life and to this day still supports and encourages Will and Sonny in their relationship with Ari. The problems she's having are not with Will and Sonny but just like at the very beginning, it's coming from Nick's manipulations and Sami sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and making things worse as usual. The slap was well deserved imo, Sami needs to butt out. Now if Gabi can finally come to realize that Nick is still pulling her strings , she and Will , Sonny and baby Ari could remain a happy little family, even after CB exits the show . Not ideal but Dan and Chloe's co parenting is working out just fine and it could work for all involved with baby Ari also.
Gabi told WILL for a while that all the decision about the raising of Ari would be hers and Nick that WILL wouldn't get a say but basically she was relegating Will to family friend rather then Ari father.. she blindly let Nick blackmail will out of his right with out being any wiser to his actions and buying that it was all about Sami and she basically placated Will that he still get to see the baby just not get a say in decision that effect her.

Since Ari birth ever time she has argued with Will, Sonny or Sami she has threated to remove Ari from Will's life when she doesn't like what been said it does seem to matter that it the truth. She not followed through but she continually make the threat to do it.

I am not going to address CB exit because I know something regarding that my cousin was at Freddie Smith's fan event.
How could she let Nick blackmail Will if she didn't know about it? All that happened when she was in a hospital bed and she only heard what she was told by Nick, who she didn't have any reason not to believe at the time.
Her threats to Sonny came out when they argued and he made threats of his own but I don't believe it was ever her intentions to keep her daughter from Will, ever. Even when she was suppose to go to New York, she had made up her mind not to go because she was torn up about separating Ari from Will.
I don't know how CM exits the show but if Sonny and Will end up with Ari, I hope it's not because they take the baby away from her mother .
again I know what FS said on that front if you want to know send me a message... it not seeming simple from what my cousin told me about what came out at the fan event. The are other factor wrapped up in both the situation with Ari and Gabi's direct exit and the reason for it.

Gabi was blind to Nick actions that why I think she let Nick do his blackmailing had she been paying more attention to the why Nick treated Will... he wouldn't have had the room to blackmail will *that is my opinion on how things played out* I think Gabi had the power to prevent Nick from taking his actions make saying with him or not that WILL would be considered the baby's father... birth certificate and all I think that Gabi took to long to stand up to Nick on that point... to me it was more the opening Gabi left for Nick to blackmail then the fact she knew he was doing it.
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