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Apr 13 2014, 02:49 PM
(in response to the various posts about custody on the prior page)
In my opinion ...
Best parental custody for the children:

For Will: Austin and Lucas.
Sami was terrible.

For Johnny, Allie, and Sydney:
Rafe and Lucas.
Sami could have supervised visitation but no custody.
EJ should have zero access, regardless of biology).

For Arianna
1) Sonny is best parent (in my opinion).
2) Will

3) Gabi could share custody but only strict orders that Nick have zero access.
If she allows Nick anywhere near Arianna, then she would lose custody but be allowed supervised visitation.

Nick should have zero access.

Those are my opinions.
Apr 13 2014, 03:27 PM
I disagree with almost all of your points. There's no one better for a child than their parent, if the parent is not abusive or neglectful. Maybe EJ deserved to lose Johnny and Sidney after what he did to the kids (making Johnny believe his mother didn't love him), but right now, he seems like a good and loving parent.

I should have clarified that I wasn't speaking from the point of view of what social services or a family court judge would decide.

I was speaking from my own point of view of who I think are the best people.

The whole legal custom of "there's no one better for a child than their parent, if the parent is not abusive or neglectful." -- might be what exists in our society -- but it's not my *personal* belief.

My *personal* belief is that the best parents are the ones who show good examples *AND* give love.

I believe the character of EJ is written to be obsessive and sometimes pleasant but NOT loving. Furthermore he's a rapist and kidneystealer and etc. EJ is the worst example of a human being, and therefore I personally would prefer he have zero access to *any* children.

Many years ago, Sami's character was written as a schemer with a real heart -- but through the years she has become -- at best self-absorbed, and at worst a villainess. She seems mostly heartless nowadays. Therefore I would have allowed her partial contact with Will but only supervised contact with Johnny, Allie, and Sydney.

Lucas used to have some moral values, but they rarely show him anymore, so who knows what the writers think he is now. They bring him out for a few scenes but they don't show much -- except for the WilSon wedding scenes. I see Lucas as a bumbling parent but someone with a genuine good heart.

Gabi is insecure and wanting lots of attention. But she hasn't (yet) gone down Sami's road. I think she could be redeemed if the story is written right. But for now I don't trust her. (Yes I know the actress is leaving, but I'm just saying what I think should happen if she were staying).
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