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Apr 7 2014, 01:10 PM

A "Days" fan on a message board mentioned seeing a repeat of "The Antonio Treatment" this weekend on HGTV, and thought the girl looked familiar. As it turns out, the episode features Jen Lilley (Theresa) and Jason Wayne, who is billed as her husband. The episode, titled "Culture Shock", was taped in either late 2009 or early 2010 and was first aired on HGTV in September 2010. HGTV has the entire episode up on its website here:


Here's the episode description: "Jen and Jason are from small town Virginia, met at a church picnic and have lived relatively sheltered lives. The couple moved out to Southern California in pursuit of Hollywood dreams. Jen is an aspiring actress while Jason is working as a delivery driver who works nights. Jen is also one of the most organized people and keeps everything in her home in perfect order. Having recently moved to the big city, they miss their rural roots and hate their ugly condo. Equipped with furniture found online, the room lacks functionality. Their living room currently is an empty room with one chair. The Wayne's are just looking for a place that they can call home."

Regarding all the discussion earlier in this thread, whether Jen Lilley is married or not ...
She just tweeted about doing taxes with Jason
They could be SignificantOthersLivingTogether and just filing taxes in the same room, supportively but separately. Or they could be married.
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