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Apr 14 2014, 02:21 AM
Apr 13 2014, 04:46 PM
Dawn at SoapTownUSA (who is pretty reliable) is reporting that Justin Gaston is out. http://soaptownusa.com/?p=6984#more-6984

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Itís bye-bye to another character on the show and the final scenes will be sometime next month. When this actor/actress found it they were very upset but they understood because that is the way the business works. Seems the 13 week cycle kicked in and it is time to go. The story wasnít working it seems and this personís departure will go hand in hand with Camillaís exit as I am told. Since DOOL tapes 6 weeks in advance this scene has been taped and put in the can and the person is long gone. If you remember the renewal party just think of who was missing at that event and maybe you can figure out who it is. Is it a veteran or a newcomer?Ö.Itís looking more and more that it is the end of the road for Justin Gaston. No word why but I find it very interesting that anyone who knows about Jordanís secrets are slowly but surely being eliminated from the show. Chrishell Stause mentioned the story has all ready been rewritten and TPTB are looking to go in a different direction. Are they recasting the role? It sure sounds like it as Stause also said that there is actor TPTB had in mind but that is not happening anymore because they couldnít obtain him so thatís why the story has been changed. Well Ms Stause I say watch your back, seems the viewers havenít jump on your bandwagon etherÖ..Jade Harlow has completed filming her role as Lucasís love interest Sheryl. Harlow tweeted that she is not a contract player and because she is not she needs to work to pay the bills, but she did say if DOOL called her back she would come immediately because she loves the show and her fellow co-workers, her exit will be explosive and her scenes will be with Lucas and it all has to do with Kate and the reason she brought her to town.
LOL. This is written in a stupid manner, in poor english, and contains mistakes. "6 weeks", lol?

Did a 12-year-old write this?
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