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Renee Dimera
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Apr 13 2014, 09:42 PM
I could see her coming back down the road. I think she got a pretty good reception. I do find it out that they wrote her off before her scenes even really aired. There is a definite creative decision that took place regarding Jordan's storyline. If Ben isn't being recasted and written off then that would make it even more apparent.

I wonder what her original secret/storyline was?
That's what I hate about this ridiculous four-month-in-advance taping schedule. In the old days, if a non-contract character that was intended to be short-term really caught on, they were put on contract and kept. With a 2-to-3 week taping window, storylines could be tweaked and adjusted as necessary. Now we lose potentially viable long term characters like Sheryl and Vargas (!!), while characters that don't catch on with the audience stay on much longer than they're worth having. It's so frustrating! If this taping schedule existed in the 80s, we may never have had Steve and Shane as tent-pole characters, since both of them were slated to be short-term.
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