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OK, I've watched my first 8-9 episodes and this is what I've come away with:

- It take it the Core family is the McQueen family

- Carmel is likeable, but very selfish when it comes to Kathleen Angel. I'm still trying to figure out if she truly loves her(current) husband or if it's a case of settling.

- I can't remember Kathleen Angel's mother's name, but she's kind of warped. Pretending to be Texas.

- I like the no nonsense of the Matriarch, Nan (name?).

- I love and hate the family group think of protecting a member of the family, no matter the crime.

- My favorite, so far of the cast of characters, is John Paul (JP). There is something so sweet and gentle, yet strong about him. I would love if this actor play Will Horton on Days... It's been an incredibly long time since a Soap made my heart break for a character and his rape and immediate reaction/actions did just that. I was sitting in my chair watching with tears rolling down my face.

- Speaking of the rape, I really don't know what to say about Finn. He's so young but seems to have a lot of deep seeded issues. He's so angry and seemingly has an inferiority complex re to girls. Is he targeting John Paul because he feels inferior to everyone else in relation to feeling like a (young) man, especially his best friend? Does he feel that JP sexuality automatically make him less than a man, thereby making him more of a man? I'm not writing the character off at this point. I'll have to see where the rest of the episodes (about 49) take me.

- Frankie/Jack & their family I also like. Of course, I'm still learning the dynamics. So, I have no truly definitive opinion on the individual characters, yet.

- I'm not quite sure I like Ste, at this point. It could be the character or the actors (arched?) eyebrows. LOL. Just joking about the eyebrows playing a part in my decision. I'm going to hold off until I see more of the character. But what I did gather is that JP slept with his father, who is married to the Police Officer. Is that correct? Speaking of her, I liked the way she handled JP during the aftermath of his rape and subsequent reporting of the crime.

- The one character that made my eyes pop is Sonny Valentine. What an absolutely gorgeous man. The actor looks very much like some American actor that I know of, but at this moment can not remember who for the life of me.


Sorry for not mentioning some of the referenced characters by name, I'm still learning who's who.

All in all, I very much intend to keep this show on my must watch list.

I am very much going to go unspoiled for this show. It's very much worth it, based on what I've seen so far. The only time I read spoilers is when I'm not happy with a show.

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