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Apr 18 2014, 05:34 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepNB thought that she may have been too campy though....
I don't know who mentioned this but as far as I remember they didn't mean it in a bad sense. It was more something like 'it would be sad if that campiness got in the way of winning' or so. (BTW it was said about the characters played by ED and MW, not about a show).
Yeah I understood that, but still. I would hardly call anyone's character or acting on this show "camp", except possibly Percy Ruggles. THAT is the only thing even near to camp.

James E. Reilly had camp in his time. Not Days these days.
Did you watch/listen to it? If not, it's not annoying, trust me ;) and NB doesn't sound too arrogant for a change. (There are some nice words about Eileen and 'Days to find there, too)
Yeah :D

Thanks. I started to listen to it but then had to do something else. I'm gonna listen it properly one of these days. lol But thanks :)
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