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Apr 20 2014, 01:38 AM
Interesting. The "Signifcant Days" listing on the old archive may be off by one day.
No, it seems to be correct. It matches up with my cast/set lists...

1/16/92: Bo, Brian, Carly, Carrie, Chip, Isabella, Ivan, John, Julie, Kayla, Kimberly, Lawrence, Molly, Roman, Tanner, Victor, Rafi, Ari, Bartender.
Sets: Aliceís Restaurant, Roman & Marlena's Living Room, Int. Bo's Boat, Staff Lounge, Alamain Mansion, Kimberlyís Hotel Room in Los Angeles, Pier, Romanís Office, Brady-Toscano Detective Agency, Continental Bar.

--Isabella reads the newspaper article on the museum heist.
--Carrie tells roman she's leaving Salem.
--Bo talks to molly about having Carly there to her wedding shower, as she wakes up and hears him saying something about a shower.
--roman talks to Carrie about her feelings for john, as she pulls away from him.
--Lawrence reads the newspaper, and decides it's time for some more clues.
--Kim and Kayla discuss the case in her hotel room in Los Angeles.
--roman goes to the dock and arrests Torres for the near fatal accident he had,but is forced to let him go.
--Kim and Kayla joke about being hit on by rob.
--tanner goes to the office and is surprised to see Isabella there, and he wants to call john to take her home,but she stops him. -- john and Carrie talk and he promises to keep her informed of anything he learns about who he is.
--Lawrence sees Carrie at a bar, and makes a move on her.

1/17/92: Alice, Bo, Carly, Caroline, Carrie, Ginger, Hawk, Isabella, Ivan, Jack, Jennifer, John, Julie, Lawrence, Molly, Roman, Shawn Douglas, Desiree, Dave, Fernando Torres (Rafiís Brother), Bartender, Guard (Saul), Thug # 1, Thug # 2, Nurse.
Sets: Continental Bar, Wings Private Dining Room, Hospital Exam Room & Corridor, Nursesí Station & Staff Lounge, Pier, Aliceís Restaurant, Johnís Apartment, Int. Bo's Boat, Romanís Office, Alleyway.

Bo kidnapped by Rafi Torres; he realizes that Carly is the woman in John's burnt picture.

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