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Eileen, Jen, Deidre, Ari, eric, and Shawn worked. Ali got excited about upcoming scenes.
Eileen Davidson
@eileen_davidson: @jen_lilley @nbcdays talkin bout bad girls bad girls http://t.co/LkHtdq1iUK
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Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 6h
@eileen_davidson @nbcdays love you lady!!!!!! I'm in awe of your talent! #PowerHouse!

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 28m (Deidre and Ari )
You know today was full of laughs!!! http://fb.me/1pT3V6nzx

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 28m (Deidre, Eric, Shawn)
And plenty of cutting up!!! http://fb.me/2Thld3GAU

Ali Sweeney
I am so proud of the episode airing on Monday, April 21st. We worked so hard on it, and everyone gave their all. I hope you watch.
Thinking back on all the pivotal episodes I've been blessed to be a part of at Days of our Lives, this without question stands out at the top. And believe me, as we were shooting it everyone was thinking about YOUR reactions. So ... I can't wait to read your thoughts after!! XOXO

Kate and Shawn worked. Kassie hopes to be able to sing with Wally.

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 35m
Got (almond) Milk? It's an early morning start for shawnc4real and I today! XO
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Wally Kurth @wallykurth 7h
Look out for Ned. He shows up in Port Charles tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva 7h
@wallykurth I hope you come back to #DOOL #days to sing with me!!

Wally Kurth @wallykurth 3h
“@KassieDePaiva: @wallykurth I hope you come back to #DOOL #days to sing with me!!” Ahh. Thanks Kassie. Super soap street Jam!

Deidre, Eileen, James, Ali, Jen, and Udell twins worked.

Steve Udell @steveudell11 ·
Great pic with Jen Lilly. #days #dool http://t.co/BESdClYelo

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 2h
A family affair!! http://fb.me/6qtYlyyHv

Alison Sweeney Verified account @Ali_Sweeney
@lumirules @luvinglumi truly, it's so special. Thank you thank you !! When Bry is in tmrrw we'll send a pic. XO
3:37 PM - 16 Apr 2014

Lauren, Ali, Bryan, Deidre, and Mary Beth worked. James said Ejami aren’t over. James and Ali will be working together on the 21st. Ali said the scenes airing on the 21st will run the gambit of emotions.

laurenkoslow: As one #lumi fan to many others!!@Ali_Sweeney & @Bryan_Dattilo got their books! #days http://t.co/eLbGesk5mc

The Deidre Hall Fan Page
The doctors are IN!!!
a pic of Deidre & Mary Beth

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 7m
@SBlover130 we have scenes first up on Monday. Hoping we're done in time to start tweeting with the east coast! #days

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 16m
.@2CLumi @lumirules TY all #lumi fans for this trip down #memorylane the laughter, the tears, the bed breaking... pic.twitter.com/EwawaQwJp6
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AliciaE @AliciaE_DAYSnut 5h
@TheDaysTruth @Ali_Sweeney We don't know how it will play out. I expect a wide range of emotion. That's something to be proud of. #Acting

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 5h
@AliciaE_DAYSnut yes, exactly. It definitely runs the gambit. :)

James Scott @IamJamesScott 5m
@TheDaysTruth @Ali_Sweeney ejami ain't over ;-) keep watching..

Kristian and Lauren worked. Kristian did an interview and a portrait of Kate and Sami in the DiMansion living room was visible. An Ejami family picture is still in the room as is the couch if you’re taking inventory. Hope will be showing up at the mansion with a warrant at some point.

Kristian's OK TV interview:

Lauren Boles
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Deidre broke her wrist, so presumably Marlena will too in a several months.

@DeidreHall: Grrrr. Took an annoying turn in my dance class and broke my wrist in two places. Possible surgery this week. Look for Marlena to have a broken wing in a few months! The good news??? I have wonderful people to dress me, style my hair and apply my make up!!! Broke it yesterday, spent the day in the ER and was at the theatre last night!! http://t.co/PLZhVb58wq

Daily Summaries
Days of our Lives
Monday, April 14, 2014

Off her ugly argument with Sami, Gabi makes a surprising announcement to Will.

Rafe is furious when he finds out just how close Gabi and Nick have gotten.

Suspicious Nicole grills Liam about why he was at Daniel's building.

Liam tries to plant seeds of doubt about Daniel in Jennifer's mind.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Liam blackmails Nicole!

Daniel wants to go after Theresa but Jennifer talks him down.

Will blasts Sami for attacking Gabi.

Rafe punches Nick, who gives Rafe a chilling warning.

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nicole tries to come clean with Daniel.

Eric informs Marlena he is going to marry Nicole.

Marybeth stirs up trouble for JJ and Paige.

Aiden makes an admission to Marlena.

Days of our Lives
Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rafe is determined to figure out what everyone is hiding about Gabi.

Gabi freaks when Will brings up the idea of a custody agreement.

Brady tells a disappointed Theresa he has to stop seeing her.

Aiden and Hope work together as a team to plan the St. Luke's summer gala - but they run into a major snag.

Days of our Lives
Friday, April 18, 2014

A mysterious figure prints out incriminating photos of EJ and Abigail - and delivers them to the DiMera mansion!

Rafe investigates Nick.

Hope and Aiden hit yet another roadblock in planning the summer gala - and Hope is put in an awkward position involving Roman.

JJ confides in Paige, and they share their first kiss!

SOD Articles
Cheat Sheet (Ejabby reveal)
Nick terrorizes Gabi
Daniel blames Theresa

Odds and Ends
The promo was for Dannifer
Ratings were down over last week and last year
Rob Wilson is replacing Justin Gaston
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