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As great as it was to see Kenya's ass get dragged across the stage on ATL's reunion last night, I hope Bravo puts a clause in every housewife's (from every city) contract that prohibits physical attacks. It's just not what Housewives should be about. I'm all for the reads and verbal confrontations, but leave the violence to VH1's copycat shows.

And even though it was totally wrong of Porsha to put her hands on Kenya, I don't like Kenya's behavior either. I don't like that provoking someone to the point they lay their hands on you, and then you want to cry out assault. Kenya pulled a Bad Girls Club move and I hate it. That's what they do on that show. Get the girl so worked up so she hits you, and then has to leave the house because of the no violence rule. NeNe made a great point on Twitter after the reunion. Having someone like Kenya on these shows is never a good thing. While all of them can be considered famewhores, Kenya is a different type of famewhore. She's one that has nothing to lose, so she will show her ass and do whatever it takes to make a dollar. That's her job on the show and it's getting old.

I do think Andy made the right decision in sending Porsha home. The reunion wouldn't have really gone anywhere if she was allowed to come back onto the set. It would've remained about Porsha vs. Kenya. And that is getting tired. I'm so disappointed in seeing these two going at it. I really enjoyed their bonding moment in Savannah earlier in the season. I don't need them to be besties, but I always like it when they are civil with each other. It's refreshing.

When I first heard Porsha attacked Kenya and was pretty much fired afterwards, I was upset. At the end of the day, I like Porsha. I was hoping we got to see Porsha adjusting to single life this season. We didn't get that. Instead, we had to watch her talk about Kordell in every scene. And maybe that's the immediate reaction of divorce. I was just hoping for something else. And I still wanted to see "single" Porsha, so I was hoping we would get to see that in Season 7. However, I'm no longer upset about the idea of Porsha being fired. I think they could definitely find someone to fill Porsha's "younger housewife" spot easily.

Aside from NeNe and Cynthia, I thought everyone looked great. I'm not exactly sure what look NeNe was going for, but it wasn't working. And Cynthia, who usually always brings it for the reunion show, didn't last night. I think Porsha looked the best out of everyone though. Kandi was a very close second.
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