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I agree, Rhi! It was a great episode! Loved the instant eviction episode and I enjoyed seeing Allison leave the game and then Adel breaking his promise to Sabrina and Rachelle.

I wished someone would tell Sabrina that maybe she should have actually won something for a change to help herself and not depend on everyone to drag her through the game. Also, I was happy when Jon reminded Sabrina that she did the same thing to protect her alliance. She lied to Ika, pretending to be on her side and then totally betrayed her (with Rachelle) one week later when Rachelle became HOH. So Sabrina really shouldn't judge Jon, Neda, Adel and Heather.

Adel's speech in the end was really a big WTF though. I think people are too harsh on Rachelle. I think she's a nice girl, but she just got to hang out with that mess, Sabrina. I did not feel bad for Sabrina when she cried her eyes out for voting off Arlie. She's such a dumbass.. and she sucks at this game.

How funny is it that Neda won HOH twice and never received a room or a letter?
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