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I'm a little tired of the idea that Kenya is some kind of uniquely dangerous famewhore. To me, she's in the same vein as Phaedra- more of a character than a real person- and it's not like ATL was this serene, tea-and-crumpets kinda show before she came on the scene. I think she's only dangerous in the way she might threaten the positioning of others on the show, but that doesn't make her bad.

About the fight itself, for what it was- I think Porsha instigated it (rumor has it at the behest of Phaedra and Nene in an attempt to stay employed) but was ill-equipped to see it through, for whatever reason. I think Kenya goaded her into getting physical, and I believe pretty firmly that if you ask someone to hit you and they do you lose all rights to complain. So, far as I'm concerned they can both walk, much as I enjoy Kenya.

I hope Porsha doesn't come back for her own sake. She doesn't seem equipped to handle this (or independent living, imho), but she seems nice enough, so I hope she finds someone to take care of her. Off-camera.
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