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Nick is getting to be pointless, is doesn't matter of Gabi wants Nick with her when meeting Aidan because she is delusional enough to think Nick has he back and is the only one... LEGALLY Aidan is bound by law to tell Gabi that Nick can't be there, so unless this two nitwits (Gabi & Nick) claim to be engaged than Aidan not following through on the law... as it is he not following through on the law but just taking Gabi's word that she can write up an agreement of full custody to herself & visitation at her conceives to Will, she got no court order that has given her such rights... and what Will asked for was clear a joint 50/50 custody agreement. EJ knows the truth and I sure that through we didn't see it Justin probably does too...

Well Aidan is there to protect Gabi's rights and be her lawyer he not there to eat up whatever lies tweedle dum and tweedle dee (Nick & Gabi) come up with from what NICK can be there to why Gabi can pull her stunt with the agreement. It called verifying facts all lawyers are suppose to do it... regardless of who there client it. Verifying facts according to my father is about giving ones client the best legal advice based upon the truth, not their truth but the actual truth. What to me is worse is that Gabi has the gaul to pull this well still living with Sonny & Will.. that a verifiable fact that Gabi probably isn't honest with Aidan about that single fact would change Aidan's advice to Gabi and force her to a joint agreement. Gabi shouldn't have primary placement in joint custody however, as her lawyer Aidan can still try to push for that because that would be Aidan doing his job...
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