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Apr 23 2014, 07:57 PM
I love Heather. I don't think she meant it like that. I think she just meant show Brianna what life without Vicki is like and let her appreciate Vicki a bit more. I know a few people who think Brianna's treatment of Vicki last season was really inappropriate and that she was acting pretty bratty. Of course, at the reunion, it was vindicated a little, but I find Brianna and Ryan's treatment of Vicki to be disturbing, at times.
I agree Ryan's treatment was too far. Briana on the other hand, nope. She's so wonderfully level headed so for her to be reacting that way there had to be a reason, and it was finally explained in the reunion. I don't understand how Vicki can continue to defend that behaviour of Brooks by dismissing it in the premiere. I mean, that's her daughter he's advocating be beat!

Back to Heather. That's a punishment, show her what life's like without her to appreciate her more. I just don't think a punishment is the appropriate response to someone not wanting the man who wanted her beaten around her or her newborn.

I know he's gone, and maybe when he's gone from the actual show I'll be more inclined to check it out, but this undercurrent of domestic violence or whatever it is doesn't make for fun mindless TV for me.
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