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S loves EJ

S loves EJ
Apr 22 2014, 12:05 PM
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I understand they promote their pairings, but he has YET to show any respect to Kate Mansi or Ari Zucker as actresses and show them any respect or good praise in regards to his relationship with Nicole or Abby. All he has ever done is talk and tweet about his relationship with Ali and his preference of Ejami. Never has any shown any praise for his other pairings, not once in seven years. That is just plain rude to Kate, Ari, Natalia, and Tamara.
That is actually not true. He has always praised his female acting partners and tried to get behind most of his pairings, EJaylor the exception, I just think that he formed this character so heavily on the premise that Sami is the one for EJ that he never gets away from that.

It's not disrespectful to other actors or storylines, I'm sure they all know the deal, hell Nicole ALWAYS called EJ on it.

Oddly I'm defending the guy in this case but he is definitely not a promotional genius.

I think it would make more sense if JS had problems getting away from the premise that Sami is the one for EJ if it werenīt for Ejamiīs bad history that has made it hard to pair them, or if he didnīt like working AZ, but it seems like he does and then I could get behind Ejole too. I have liked them in scenes too. What orginally gave me doubts about the pairing was the thought of JS or AZ not being happy about the pairing, and then I didnīt want them together, but that doesnīt seem to be the case but just me getting the wrong impression.

After rewatching some scenes from 2009 I think it make sense why JS would have problems getting away from the premise that EJ loves Sami the writers wouldnīt let him, Nicole was insecure a lot about EJīs feelings for Sami in 2009 and there are scenes where EJ still seems inlove/obssessed with Sami. There are Ejole scenes that I like but I canīt feel the love between them when Nicole gets insecure. I like Nicoleīs outburst in this scene and bad EJ in her nightmare but I get the sense that EJ isnīt over Sami. So if they were to get back to Ejole they need to get rid of Nicoleīs insecurities for me to be able to buy them.

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