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It's kind of funny to see such numbers, where most of the soaps had increases in totals, but almost all demos were down... that means more older people are watching....

And also, while every other soap had an increase in totals compared to last year, Days went down.... And it's no wonder really, I mean, granted the weekly promo was about Ejami, but it didn't hold true because the whole week was basically about Dannifer. The Ejami letter thing only started very abruptly on Friday.

It'll be interesting to see what the next week's numbers are since there was yet another Dannifer promo dominating that, and the fakeout with Ejami... if the ratings are recorded in the beginning of the show, it might show an increase for that Monday though.

Well, at least there weren't any 1.6's this week.... thank God. Let's see what the deal is for the following week though with the Dannifer promo.

Also, I have to say, I cannot imagine the NBC and Sony suits sitting on this information and just not do anything... I wouldn't be surprised if they were telling Ken Corday to get things popping, and quick........

At least I hope so, lol.
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