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I don't think Days is surprised (or concerned) with the dip in ratings. They got their 2 year renewal. They had to bring the stories to a simmer after a boiling hot run from November-March. The main stories are in a holding pattern (Nick, EJabby/EJami, Eric/Nicole, etc.). I'm surprised that no one recognizes the current Fetch story (and the EJami swerve) for what it is: filler.

If you remember, the same exact thing happened this time last year with Fetch/Chloe. It was a story they put on screen to hold things over until their huge May 2013 (Kristen/Brady wedding fallout part I, Nick losing it all).

I think the same is happening here. The current Fetch story is about to end. It was a short-term story to occupy the screentime because they weren't ready to pull the trigger on their bigger stories. I'm spoiler-free, but May *sounds* like the aforementioned main stories are going to kick into gear. Kristen will be back on-screen soon after in June. In other words, it's been a purposeful "lull". A show can't fire on all cylinders 365 days a year. These lulls happen, and I often think that they are planned for larger purposes.

Just my .02.
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