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Just looking at it...

Final 2's:
Borneo: 4-3 vote
Outback: 4-3 vote
Africa: 5-2 vote
Thailand: 5-2 vote
Amazon: 6-1 vote
Pearl Islands: 6-1 vote
All Stars: 4-3 vote
Vanuatu: 5-2 vote
Palau: 6-1 vote
Guatemala: 6-1 vote
Exile Island: 5-2 vote
Micronesia: 5-3 vote
Tocantins: 7-0 vote

Final 3:
Cook Islands: 5-4-0 vote
Fiji: 9-0-0 vote
China: 4-2-1 vote
Gabon: 4-3-0 vote
Samoa: 7-2-0 vote
Heroes vs Villains: 6-3-0 vote
Nicaragua: 5-4-0 vote
Redemption Island: 8-1-0 vote
South Pacific: 6-3-0 vote
One World: 7-2-0 vote
Philippines: 6-1-1 vote
Caramoan: 8-0-0 vote
Blood vs Water: 7-1-0 vote

For the most part, the Final 3's have resulted in someone not getting any votes. It's time to go back to the F2 and stay that way.
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