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S loves EJ

Apr 27 2014, 10:10 AM
Apr 22 2014, 07:52 PM
Apr 22 2014, 03:34 PM
S loves EJ
Apr 22 2014, 03:18 PM

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He showed guilt that first time. What about when he almost did it with her the 2nd time at the cabin? What about the time when he followed Abby into the stockroom and did it? And what about the shower? In spite of recent episodes, JS knows how to convey guilt. If he did it the first time, he can show it again later on instead of flashing to Ejabby sex with an unreadable expression.

But this all comes down to the whole problem with the Ejami love story over all. The show has to use the actors to "explain" the characters motivations because many fans (myself included) become confused at whether EJami actually love each other or just going through the emotions:

1. EJ showing no worries over Sami's reaction to finding out her brother was raped
2. Ej cheating on Sami over and over.
3. Sami declaring EJ's own father isn't invited to their wedding without the slightest care that it might hurt him.
4. Sami, after going through a dry spell of no sex with EJ, doesn't bat an eye at the sight of his naked body emerging from the shower. Just sign the damn contracts EJ.

That's just me taking 5 minutes to remember. The list could go on and on into much worse worst offenses. Yet the show will put AS and JS out there to talk of Ejami and what the episode does here and there and how they feel about each other.
let's not forget that ej's idea of love is somewhat twisted. this is not the average joe were are dealing with here. this is the son of stefano born into a seriously screwed up family - basically just like everyone in salem EJ has major issues, one of them being extreme self sabotage so we can't really use our version of what we think an EJ/Sami loving relationship should look like - we can only intrepret what's on the screen and what's on the screen is that EJ believes Sami is the love of his life. He might grow older and wiser and think otherwise later on in life but right now he really believes she's the one for him.

Also he didnt show that much guilt before because he was saving all the good stuff for yersterday's telenovela :D
I am sure he does but at this point I've come to the conclusion that it's obsession.

I wasn't a fan of EJ and Sami years ago because I preferred Sami with Lucas and I attempted to give EJ and Sami a chance last year and it almost worked, but the show this year really failed once and for all to show me that he really truly loves her. He had everything he's been wanting for years, but he screwed Abby for apparently no reason other than he couldn't help himself, as he put it. That doesn't work for me. :glare:

First post, yeehaw!

I donīt think EJ slept with Abby only because he couldnīt help himself he and Sami were having problems they werenīt sleeping together I donīt think EJ would have cheated if he and Sami had been in a good place in their relationship.

Apr 27 2014, 10:15 AM
Another thing I noticed was EJ said he only slept with Abby twice. It was three times and he came close to it another two times

The first two times happen at the same occasion so I guess EJ just count it as one time.
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