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Yeah, the "toxic person" is definitely about CC.... although I have nothing against her.

I think the "he or she has been waiting for their spot in the sunlight, which they now want to happen due to upcoming exits" has to be about Days... none of the other soaps have "upcoming exits" the way Days does, and it wouldn't even matter if they did, because GH rotates anyway and Y&R and B&B are pretty static. I think it has to be about AS and maybe some other people leaving that we don't know about yet (possibly JS), and the person who has been waiting in the wings is KA.... funny, that fits so well with something that was talked about in another thread just yesterday. Well that should make some people happy if that's the case. *roll eyes*

It could probably also be GG.... but I really hope not. He was in a coma for most of last year lol.
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