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Apr 28 2014, 03:38 PM
Apr 28 2014, 03:21 PM
Apr 28 2014, 12:49 PM
The only ones I think could be related to Days are,

-soap star not interested in returning (PR?)
I think this one could be Nichols, about Days or Y&R and being in talks with GH. I really only want to see him back on Days, tbh, but it honestly puzzles me why he's not at GH yet. I think it must be about a contract/recurring issue.

I gotta think of Martsolf for the biceps, but there are some GH guys with nice arms too.
I kinda want to see him do a short stint on GH and then have him return to Days full time. I doubt the Days part will happen, but its probably inevitable that he will show up on GH.

I absolutely love Stefan Cassadine so I need it to happen. I think the hold up is whatever is going on with Genie Francis between her personal life and behind the scenes stuff. I also don't think he wants to come in and do what most others do. I'm sure he's holding out for a worthy story. Most of the returns on GH the return is the story then there's nothing. I would hate to see Stefan show up then fizzle out. It would ruin one of my all-time favorite soap characters. I ignore the hack job done on the character at the end because everything else was so damn good.
I don't know about Francis... Tyler Christopher's comments a while back made it sound like the hold up was with Nichols, and he always seems like a guy who wants a contract. And Valentini like a guy who doesn't want to give it to him. But if he did come back, I hope they don't treat Stefan and Laura as joined at the hip, because there's a lot they could do with the character, and the Luke/Laura/Tracy thing is a disaster.
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