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Back when Stefano was paralyzed and had his amnesia and he was "good" (and Marlena was his caregiver out of guilt because she's caused it), I swore up and down that they were going to pair them together, but Stefano either got his memory back or proved to be faking (I forget exactly which) before it ever happened. But I'm certain they STRONGLY hinted at that story direction. lol
Stefano lost his memory when MarDevil chucked him from the balcony of the Penthouse. He got it back in Aremid, when he was struck by lightning, but continued to pretend he had amnesia to try & get Marlena to love him. It was found out he was faking when he tried to kidnap her from Aremid, but failed because Celeste & Lexie figured it all out.
This was in the tunnels was it not? There was a big explosion or something? This is also when Lexie learned Stefano was her father and held him at gunpoint right?
Yes, this was in the tunnels & caves under & around Aremid - Celeste was on to Stefano from the get-go because of her abilities (and her crazy hats). He was confronted by Lexie who was aiming a gun at him, but there was a cave in & he got away. Stefano then tried to take Marlena by boat, but failed because by then Abe & 1/2 of Salem was after him - he escaped by helicopter as John & Marlena went back to shore in a rowboat.


Oh God, remember Marlena waking up with John by her side? I was SO SURE they were going to be together, FINALLY. And then that goddamn stupid letter. She saved his life, nookie would just be right!
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