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^ My face watching DAYS

Miss Rhi
Apr 29 2014, 09:34 AM
A few minutes ago on the feeds Sobs and Adel were talking about Days of Our lives again. They mentioned Stefano, Marlena, Lucas, Kate and Sami. They said they grew up with both of their Mom's watching the show. Poor sleep deprived Adel couldn't remember who Sami was....LOL

Sobs described the Friends episode from when Ali was on and played a character on Days named Jessica Ashley. Joey had to accept a Soapie for her at a awards show and when he went to give it to her she said that awards didn't matter.

DAYS is incredibly popular in Canada...more so than it is in the US. Canada is all about Y&R/DAYS....the other soaps don't even hold a candle in popularity (in fact, some have not even been able to stay on Canadian networks).

The HG's on both seasons have talked about DAYS a LOT...Andrew last season would not shut up about it and many others watched it regularily...and then this season with Sabrina/Adel and others who have mentioned it many times. Speaks to its popularity I think.
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