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I can't see this being an "evil twin" scenario -- not just because I want Nick to be really and truly dead, but because such a scenario would be really tough to swallow, based on what has played out on-screen. We haven't seen any indication that the Nick we've been watching isn't the real Nick. Meanwhile, all signs continue to point to this being a real death, not just another fake-out, and even if you don't believe any of the other spoiler sources, Jason's always reliable. He was the first to confirm that this would be a murder, and he posted that hint from The Wizard of Oz that seems to point to the victim being "not only merely dead [but] really, most sincerely dead".

Besides, it'd have to be an "eviler twin" scenario in any case, since, like it or not, the "other" Nick hasn't been a good guy in a very long time, if ever.
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