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Apr 30 2014, 08:23 AM
Ready for a really wild speculation? :OhMy:

Remember when Gabi left Nick on the bench after talking to him and Nick said, "Percy was right."

What if Percy is the killer who shoots Nick and was setting him up to be hated around town to have some suspects?

Why would he do this after saving Nick? Is he a psychopathic sadist having fun with another psychopath? :flipoff:
If Percy is the killer, this is the scenario I can picture....

Percy nursed Nick back to health. Over the months, Nick poured his heart out to Percy. Told him ALL of his secrets. Percy secretly falls in love with Nick. Convinces Nick to hire him as his assisstant so he can be by his side everyday. Percy's with Nick on his revenge agenda, but believes that Gabi should go down with the rest of them.

Nick refuses and continues with his plan to make Gabi and Arianna his. When Nick tells Percy that he still wants to leave Salem with Gabi, Percy snaps and kills Nick....knowing full well there are at least a half a dozen people the police will suspect long before him.

But not Gabi. Everyone knows that Gabi and Nick had reconciled. So Percy, who knows Gabi's dirty little secret about Andrew and Melanie, arranges for that inconvenient truth to come out. Maybe by using Nicole by telling her he has a huge scoop about Nick's death. Percy busts Gabi on the kidnapping, thus setting the stage to frame her for the murder.
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