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Apr 30 2014, 08:43 AM
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I think Nick is killed and Gabi is the culprit.

Can't see it any other way really.
The people in the HTS apparently witnessed the shooting. Gabi isn't a sniper and half the town are suspects. If she is the culprit, she could have hired a hit man. I don't think we're going to find out for awhile who did it which would make sense if it is Gabi since she leaves in June.
It seems likely it would be Gabi, but it's not necessarily a definite thing. Gabi is supposed to be doing some modeling in South America soon, so maybe she ends up moving somewhere else and she and Will will split custody, like Parker does with Dr. Tan & Chloe. I am not seeing anything yet (as much as I want to) that shows Gabi is onto Nick. I'm not convinced she's behind hiring a hit man...yet.

And imo, BB is one of the best actors on the show. Assuming he's the one going down, that's a big loss for Days.
Freddie Smith hinted Will & Gabi don't, he hinted that a bad things cost Gabi custody
The show has had tones of anvils about Gabi losing custody as well
The hitman might not be the Killer, that I believe is hired by EJ or Victor or Stefano
Gabi could well use a gun on her own but FS at his fan event gave up that Gabi does a bad thing (Murder) would account for that.
I'm not saying it can't happen, and I think it would redeem Gabi a bit if she's behind it, but there has been nothing that the audience can see that shows she's smarter than what everyone else thinks. But since she's leaving, it's likely to be her. I think it would be better played if it's Sonny who is behind it, and accidentally hits Gabi instead of Nick. Talk about drama for Wilson. That would do it. And not everyone pays for their crimes, actually most do not. So, maybe someone else is framed/blamed for the shooting.
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